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Dog Walking

I offer a bespoke service depending on yours (and your dog's) needs - whether you need help regularly or just occasionally, I can work around you.

I can collect your dog from your home, walk them for either 30 minutes or an hour and generally I will only walk dogs from the same household together unless specifically requested.

Pet Sitting

If your cat would rather stay at home than go to a cattery while you are away or if you are out at work all day and need someone to pop in to feed or spend some time with your pet then I can help.

Cat care includes: feeding, cleaning litter trays, letting them in/out (if required) and lots of fuss and cuddles.

I can also water plants, take in post, open/close curtains, etc to keep your home more secure while you're away.

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Bess - pup.jpg

Puppy and Senior visits

Great for puppies that are not yet ready to go out into the big wide world and for seniors who would rather just snooze at home after a comfort break.

I can provide company for your dog to break up the day while you're not around, let them out, check water and clean up any little accidents they may have had.

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